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Links for Social Studies Teachers

Looking for a Clearinghouse of Curriculum?

Check out our List of Links to help you teach pretty much anything in Social Studies.

Resources for Teaching Civics

Classroom Law Project Street Law Street Law Model Lesson Plans (UW School of Law) DBQ Project (Document-Based Inquiry Units in Civics) The Bill of Rights Institute Oregon Secretary of State Civics Toolkit New York Times Learning Network (Civics) Library of Congress (Civics & Government) EdSitement (History & Social Studies) U.S. Supreme Court C-Span Classroom Social more »

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Resources for Teaching Economics

Teaching Economics as if People Mattered History of Money (Thank you to student Ryan Cason for the suggestion!) Economics Education Web PBS Teachers – Economics SCORE: Principles of Economics Economics & Personal Finances (K-12 Resources) Wall Street Journal (Classroom Edition) Social Studies Chat (Ning for Social Studies Educators)

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Resources for Teaching Elementary Social Studies

GENERAL SOCIAL STUDIES Notable Trade Books for Young People (K-8) NCSS lists of exceptional trade books that emphasize human relations, diversity, cultural experiences, and general social studies U.S. GEOGRAPHY Postcards From: Discover America through Postcards Digital postcards are sent via email Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Agriculture, The Environment, Natural Resources Oregon AITC (Agriculture in more »

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Resources for Teaching Environmental Studies

Classroom Earth National Environment Education Foundation Association of American Geographers – Climate Change Environmental News Network Environmental Protection Agency – Education New York Times Learning – Environment Zinn Education Project – Environment  

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Resources for Teaching Geography

Oregon Geographic Alliance National Geographic Education National Council for Geographic Education Association of American Geographers CIA World Factbook Population Reference Bureau World of 7 Billion

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Resources for Teaching History

GENERAL The Oregon Historical Society Reading Like a Historian (Stanford History Education Group) Beyond the Bubble (History Assessments – Stanford History Education Group) The Choices Program (Brown University – History and Current Events in the Classroom) Teaching History with Technology Zinn Education Project Teaching History (National History Education Clearinghouse) Teaching with Documents (National Archives) Teaching more »

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Resources for Teaching Psychology

Society for Teaching of Psychology American Psychological Association (K-12 Education) Teaching High School Psychology

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